the stage play Calender Girls

Calender Girls, boobs out, upskirt, big breast

[on stripping off for the stage play Calender Girls] "The getting naked is the easy bit. I'll make sure I have to get naked in every contract. [laughs] In Calendar Girls I'm working with some fantastic women. We cover ourselves with various props, but obviously there are a couple of slips now and then! Danny is cool with it, he came on the first night and he loved it. But he did tell me: 'You need to slow down because you talk too quickly'. I was so nervous the first night, so he gave me constructive criticism."   

@IAMKELLYBROOK (born Kelly Ann Parsons; ) is an English model, actress, entrepreneur, television presenter and Playboy model. Early life Brook was born and raised in Rochester, Kent, England. She is the daughter of Sandra, a cook, and Kenneth Parsons, a scaffolder. She has a younger brother, Damian, and an older half-sister... See full bio
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