Shortage of Female Bodyguards

Lindsay Lohan
More and more, female BODYGUARDS are being sought after by women celebrities. Because executive protection has been a male-dominated field, there is a lack of female talent from which women celebrities have to choose. Harlan Austin, President of Bodyguard Careers attributes this shortage to the on-going perception that "size matters."

The simple fact is that a successful bodyguard should never have to use violence or draw a weapon. The belief in "brawn over brains" is a misconception. With that in mind, there's no reason to doubt a woman can successfully manage the job.

There is also a "boys club" attitude towards the field of Executive Protection, simply because the pools from which an bodyguard is selected has traditionally been from a male-dominated workforce; law enforcement, military personnel, martial arts and the like. Because women have now been more integrated into these traditionally male careers, they too, are candidates worthy of consideration for careers in executive protection.

Female executive protection specialists are as well trained in threat assessment, self-defense, weapons and tactics as their male counterparts. In addition, women have some highly prized skills that may be considered inherent in females-the ability to listen carefully, utilize intuitive skills and successfully manage conflict negotiations.
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